Fondation Santa Cabrini

It is since its creation in 1976 that the Santa Cabrini Foundation has been supporting the Santa Cabrini Hospital and its senior residence, the Centre d’accueil Dante, finance the acquisition of specialized medical equipment as well as projects aimed at improving the quality of life of its patients and residents.

The governing board acts as primary contact throughout its annual campaigns aimed at soliciting financial support from companies, private foundations and the public at large in addition to coordinating fundraising activities. It is also assisted by numerous volunteers who invest time and energy via their implication in various committees. In addition, the board of directors ensures a solid administration of the Foundation’s operations as well as the rigorous allocation of funds.

Thanks to the generosity of its donors, the foundation has awarded to date over 19 million dollars to the Santa Cabrini Hospital and the Dante Center for the realization of numerous projects.

The foundation has invested in the palliative care unit for the development of spaces dedicated to families. Intensive care unit has been equipped with a new acute dialysis service. Thanks to the foundation, the radiology department will be equipped with a high resolution breast ultrasound machine. Amounts have also been allocated to research in orthopedic and Santa Cabrini scholarship programs.

At the forefront of the Santa Cabrini Foundation’s major objectives is a significant financial contribution to the construction of the new surgical pavilion at the Santa Cabrini Hospital whose inauguration is planned for May 2025. This project, valued at $ 59M, will modernize the facilities and offer the number of operating rooms needed to serve the growing population of Santa Cabrini. Already, architects and engineers are working to meet this deadline and offer the entire population new state-of-the-art facilities, equipped with cutting-edge medical technology. The Santa Cabrini Foundation has committed to contribute $ 10 million to this project.

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